Kingdom Wealth Creator Certification


Become a Wealth Creator in Your Own Life and step into your God-gifted greatness?

Get out of debt and stay that way?

Generate more so you can be more generous?

Grow your entrepreneurial and wealth-creator mindset?

 Learn how the wealthy pay so little in taxes?

Diversify your assets and create additional income streams?

Diversify your assets into real estate investing and syndication real estate?

Create tax-free wealth buckets for you and your family members?

Empower and educate your kids, grandkids and our next generation of wealth creators around money?

Get the money conversations flowing with ease in your home?(No need for infighting!)

Create a wealth legacy with a focus on generosity?

Own your power with money?

Learn the path to your Prosperity?

Explore the multiple ways to achieve financial peace?

Learn how to make sure the IRS is NOT in charge of your financial future?

Then our

Kingdom Wealth Creator

Program is for you!


This transformational group coaching certification program shows you how!


Receive mentoring from successful
millionaires and billionaires!



What does the program include?


  • Access to our proprietary 6-stake framework to help you become a Kingdom Wealth Creator in your own life.

  • Become a “Certified Kingdom Wealth Creator Educator” Become one of our elite trainers.
  •  Training to help you move from Employee mindset with one income stream to Entrepreneurial mindset with multiple income streams and learn the important skill of hiring yourself! (valued at $5000)

  • 12 week Wealth Creator go-at-your-own-pace video course.

  •  Two tickets to our Wealth Builders conference in Denver, Colorado in April ($1994)

  •  Two 1-on-1 wealth building sessions with our Wealth Education team ($800)

  •  One inner healing session with our “Heart Healing Team” ($250)

  •  Weekly coaching and peer support

  • One field of favor Strategy session with Lisa, 30 year veteran Recruiter/career Strategist
  •   Become part of a community of like-minded "Entrebelievers" who will be with you every step of the way. (I can't wait to see how you show up in the group!) (priceless)

  • Linkedin By Lisa Course (valued at $97)

  •  Weekly group coaching calls with our Wealth Education team for life! (as long as God is calling us to continue!) (priceless) 

  •  Lifetime access to our monthly “I Am A Wealth Creator Challenge” Series (as long as God is calling us to continue!)

Workshop Only Bonuses:

  • For those that completed the course this week we are offering $1000 off the course through Sunday of this week!
  • 2 for 1!  You will get to bring a buddy to your certification program.  We are better together and accomplish so much more together.  Bring your spouse, business partner or best friend
  • A free 3-6 day getaway to a destination of your choice…you get to start having a lap-top lifestyle! (United States and International options available…you just get to pay the tax!)
Only $2,997

Do Nothing

Do nothing today and continue down your current path.

  • but know You are part of our Kingdom Wealth Creator Family now and are welcome back any time! 
  • You ARE a wealth creator and to help YOU believe that, we are offering one to schedule a complimentary session with Lisa so we can help you find your Financial Freedom Number. 
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Become part of our Wealth Creator Community

Join a community of like minded wealth creators and get:

  • Access to our weekly Kingdom Wealth Creators group sessions via zoom
  • Weekly Inspiration, motivation and wealth building tips
  • Access to our Facebook group
  • 1 field of favor Strategy session with Lisa, 30 year veteran Recruiter/career Strategist
  • 1 live session with our Wealth Creator team

Ready to jump in feet first?

Get your Kingdom Wealth Creators Certification You get everything you get in the monthly membership, PLUS:

  • Our proprietary Kingdom Wealth Creators 6-stake framework.

  •  Access to our 12 week Wealth Creator go-at-your-own-pace video course. (valued at $5000)

  •  tickets to Wealth Builders conference in Denver, Colorado in April (valued at $1994)

  •  2 1-on-1 wealth building sessions  (valued at $800)

  •  Inner healing session (valued at $250)

  •  Weekly coaching and peer support 

  •  Lifetime access to our monthly “I Am A Wealth Creator Challenge” Series

  •  Opportunities to become a “Certified Wealth Educator”

Valued over  $8,044.

Yours for only: $2,997


There is a financial crisis in our country and we need more hands to aid us in our mission of
“No Family Left Behind.”

Get started now!

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